Friday, 20 September 2013

We did it!

Well we did it!  We have had our first meeting and we are up and running.

I think we had about 15 people in the end.  It was a little bit chaotic to begin with.  We had to work out how we were going to do things but people helped out as we needed it and we had a great evening.

We started with refreshments including homemade cake which was excellent.  Then Jude our chair said a few words and introduced our speakers Hazel Ryder and Terry Donaldson.  Jude and I know them through our City and Guilds course - they were our fantastic tutors.  We were so glad they agreed to be our first speakers.  It was easier knowing they understood that it was our first meeting and we were nervous and that it could have been a bit shambolic.  Most importantly, we know they are great speakers and have a lot of work to talk about.

This is Terry and Hazel with Hazel's Welsh quilt.

We passed a very pleasant hour and half being shown the various quilts  they have made through the years, starting right at the beginning when they were first learning to quilt.  It was interesting to see the development of their work and how it has changed as their skills have developed - no more bought fabrics these days.  Most of what they use is hand dyed.   Between them they have wracked up an impressive number of awards from various quilt shows.

They have finished running City and Guilds now and instead, run their own course through their business InStitches.  If anybody is interested they can find more details here here on their website..  I would highly recommend them.

Next time we have a sewing evening so if anybody is interesting in coming along for a bit of sewing, a cup of tea and some chatting you are most welcome.  7.30pm, Carnival Hall Basingstoke.  Hope to see you there.


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