Saturday, 19 October 2013

More news!

Hello,  I hope you all enjoyed Sharon Garrick's talk last time.  I thought she had done some beautiful work and it was a great reminder to me at least, that a quilt does not have to fit a bed to be a quilt.  Small quilts can be just as lovely as great big ones.

I have again updated the Programme of  Events.  I think the best news is that Julia Gahagan's workshop has been moved from Wednesday 13th November to Saturday 16th November.  I know some of those who work during the week were hoping that there would be some Saturday workshops so we managed to get this one changed as it will be our first workshop. The theme is Christmas Patchwork Projects.  We would love as many people as possible to come along and we hope it will appeal with Christmas fast approaching.

The other piece of news is that Janice Beech will be coming on 26th November to show us her quilted postcards and to show us how they can be made.  The Quilters Guild are after postcards for their AGM in April 2014 to be held in Portsmouth and the postcards will be sold to raise funds.  This is a link to their website for a bit more information - Quilter's Guild AGM

The 26th November is a sewing evening and Janice won't be doing a talk.  Instead she will have display boards of postcards and will talk through the process of making the cards with those who are interested.  Please bring along your sewing as normal.

Finally, not so good news.  Quilters' Dream have had to pull out of doing the December talk so we are looking for a replacement.  We will let you know when something has been arranged.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.


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