Sunday, 13 July 2014

Displaying your quilts

A little while ago, one of our members, Diana Baker, took the trouble to tell us about a great new device for hanging your quilts that only requires one nail making it a much easier process than normal.  It could be a very useful thing, especially if you enjoy making wall hangings.  This is what she wrote for us and I thought I would post as she wrote it -

Hang It Dang It -The terrific quilt hanger system
An American invention by a quilter's husband to hang quilts with a minimum of fuss and only one picture hanging nail necessary!
This comes in 3 adjustable sizes: allowing you to hang quilts from 21" to 110". Once hung the quilts look as if they are floating on the wall, with no hanger  showing at all, and your wall only has one nail hole!
I purchased my first one on Amazon, showed it to Janet at Quilter's Dream in Andover, and she now stocks them direct from the US supplier, for less than I paid on Amazon, and no postage or customs to worry about. They are as far as I can tell the only ones in the UK stocking this great hanger, I know as I tried to source one before going to Amazon.
They have a website at and a Youtube demo.
I really recommend this, being the owner of 2 sizes and quilts hanging to prove it.

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